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Full Landscape Maintenance Service

In order to have a beautiful yard ready to enjoy for the weekend – regular maintenance is necessary. Just like cutting your hair, your lawn needs a regular cut, the edges trimmed and the surfaces blown so it looks its best when friends and family arrive for an evening of fun.

Leave the lawn work up to us and you focus on making those weekend plans.

Service includes:

  • Professional mowing, trimming, edging of hard surface and beds, blowing out of beds + hard surfaces, trimming & pruning, fertilizing, bed maintenance, property inspections and more

  • Serviced weekly

  • hardscape? No problem, we got you covered.

Individual Services

Turf Mowing

Whether you need one-time, routine, or seasonal service, our lawn care programs produce some of the greenest and healthiest lawns in town. 


Edged beds highlight your home and protect your shrubbery, flower and greenery. Curved lines that clearly define your landscape beds and lawn tie your garden to your home and create a crisp, clean look.


A leaf blower is used to clean the property after mowing, trimming, edging, and pruning and especially after fertilizing, to prevent fertilizer marks (orange spots) on sidewalks or any concrete areas.   

Trimming & Pruning

Keep your property free from falling limbs and damaged or diseased trees. Our tree care professionals offer seasonal trimming, pruning, and stress reduction, as well as cutting, removal, and stump grinding.


Properly fertilized landscapes are capable of producing decades of enjoyment. We use only top-quality products and state-of-the-art application equipment. 


In the fall turf should be mowed shorter preparing it for the upcoming weather conditions. Backflow and irrigation systems are turned off and drained.  

Gutter Cleaning

Seasonal Flower Delivery & 

Bark Dust Application

Lawn Aeration & Thatching

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